12 genes associated with post-traumatic stress disorder risk

The most extensive study of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – involving 27.5 thousand cases – has linked the risk of developing disorder to variation in 12 genes.

All genes: ZDHHC14, PARK2, KAZN, TMRM51-AS1, ZNF813, LINC02335, MIR5007, TUC338, LINC02571, HLA-B, SH3RF3, PODXL.

Among them, gene PARK2 is the most interesting because of previously known associations with Parkinson’s disease. This suggests possible mechanism supporting PTSD development – by disruption of physiological dopaminergic systems.

The findings emerge from a comparison of genomes of 27,572 individuals with PTSD and 162,423 healthy people. Heritability of the disorder was estimated at 10-20%, which is similar to depression heritability.

More: “Largest genome-wide association study for PTSD identifies genetic risk loci in European and African ancestries and implicates novel biological pathways”, C. Nievergelt et al., 2018, doi:10.1101/458562.