is a project merging science communication and technology development.

We explain any genetic and genomic news in the scientific context. In the first months of the project, the main focus was dedicated to basic research of human genome. However, currently we are shifting reporting to more applied-oriented materials: gene therapies, DNA testing, genetically modified organisms.

We develop technology assisting scientific analysis. During the process of content preparation, fact-checking and updating, we derive many sets of methods which are implemented computationally. The main goal of the technology is handling massive information overload – in science specifically publication overload.

We are motivated by own struggle with information overload: difficulty to follow many new publications, to prepare extensive systematic reviews, to communicate science, to assist journalists and internet users. As Stanisław Lem predicted in Megabit Bomb during an advent of the internet, a pace of global content creation exceeded human capacity to read and understand, which led to filter bubbles, pseudoscientific movements, massive discrimination and many other phenomena. We want to disarm this megabit bomb by the newest IT inventions combined with knowledge of scientific and journalistic conduct. This website is the first step.

The project is managed by Rafał Grochala (biologist & IT professional).
Feel free to contact at TT here.

Current phase of the project: Q3 prototype.