Analysis of 141,431 pregnant women genomes links NRG1 with twin pregnancy

Chinese non-invasive prenatal testing bringed new wealth of data about genetics of pregnancy.

Genomic sequencing was coupled with ultrasound scans and therefore allowed advanced analysis of pregnancy. Among 137 thousand scans, there were 476 twin or triplet pregnancies. The genomic analysis pointed to the gene NRG1. Within it, the presence of rs12056727 variant nearly doubled chances of twin pregnancy.

Also, age at the time of delivery was associated with a neighborhood of the gene ERB. Variant rs16828019 was detected in later age mothers.

General novel variants were also found for height (genes: ARHGEF12, MAST2, LINC00261, UBQLN2, MIR325HG, STRBP/ZBTB26, C11orf24-LRP5) and BMI (genes: CBLN4, PLD5, TRPC6) in the Chinese population.

More: “Genomic Analyses from Non-invasive Prenatal Testing Reveal Genetic Associations, Patterns of Viral Infections, and Chinese Population History”, S. Liu et al., 2018,