BRAF-V600E mutations underlie long-term epilepsy-associated tumors (LEAT)

Approximately half of brain cancer diseases with epilepsy symptoms may be associated with mutations in BRAF-V600E gene.

A study found that 50% of 56 patients suffering from long-term epilepsy-associated tumors had mutated sequence of an oncogene BRAF-V600E.

Following measurements in 2 patients suggested role of the mutation event in tumor’s early onset.

Experimental mice models pointed to neural stem cells developing to dysplastic neurons as the main cause of seizures during the disease.

The authors proposed therapeutic control of epilepsy symptoms by silencing mutated BRAF-V600E in patients where chirurgical approach did not meet expected improvement of life.

More: “Linking brain tumors and epileptic seizures”, J. Mulcahy Levy and M. McMahon, 2018, doi:10.1038/s41591-018-0249-6.