CRISPRCasdb replaces CRISPRdb

CRISPRCasdb is built upon the results of two tools: CRISPRFinder and CasFinder. The database contains derived from 16 990 complete prokaryote genomes. Out of them, 5987 bacterial strains and 256 archaeal strains were found contain CRISPR and Cas clusters.

Strains can be explored by taxonomy, one by one, or by BLAST search against 19,000 repeats and 210,000 spacers.

Scientists behind CRISPRCasdb remark:

The large spectrum of CRISPR–Cas systems confirms the complex relationship between microorganisms and their environment and the relative importance of the CRISPR–Cas immune system as a defence mechanism.

CRISPRCasdb is available under

Publication: Christine Pourcel, Marie Touchon, Nicolas Villeriot, Jean-Philippe Vernadet, David Couvin, Claire Toffano-Nioche, Gilles Vergnaud (2019). CRISPRCasdb a successor of CRISPRdb containing CRISPR arrays and cas genes from complete genome sequences, and tools to download and query lists of repeats and spacers. Doi:10.1093/nar/gkz915

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