Deregulation of FKBP5 gene rises the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Normally repressed FKBP5 gene was found to be activated in individuals with cardiovascular and immune diseases.

The study involved 3131 individuals and assessed “epigenetic derepression” – activation of the gene by protein molecules binding to the genome without direct mutation of sequences.

FKBP5 (FK506-binding protein 51) governs cellular stress responses. Activation of FKBP5 is often encountered in elderly and/or sick individuals. However, this process can predate the emergence of diseases, and therefore the gen can be a useful diagnostic biomarker and therapeutic target.

FKBP5 was suggested to be directly linked with pathways enhancing inflammation and indirectly with cardiovascular syndromes.

More: “Epigenetic derepression of FKBP5 by aging and stress contributes to NF-kB-driven inflammation and cardiovascular risk”, A. Zannas et al., 2018,