DNA tests revealed that at least 48 individuals conceived in a U.S. fertility clinic are biologically related to Donald Cline, fertility doctor.

Indianapolis physician has been assuring its patients about the usage of husband’s or chosen donor’s sperm cells. Instead, he was using its own cells. The fraud took place between 1974 and 1987.

It was uncovered a few decades later. In 2014 eight strangers discovered that they are biological half-siblings – after taking DNA tests in 23andme company. This quickly grew to 48 confirmed and 9 suspected cases. The total number is not known, but probably will be higher.

Cline has not been convicted of deceiving its patients [more]. Paradoxically, he was prosecuted only because of lies to investigators (cover-up of the procedure). He received one-year jail sentence, but it is suspended. Local senators are preparing bills that will punish similar crimes.

From a purely biological perspective, Cline can be considered as one of the most successfully reproducing men in the USA. His genome will propagate through the population in at least 20x times higher rate than average (2,5 children versus 48+ children).