Genetic landscape in Alzheimer’s disease brains

2667 samples mapped to four brain regions have provided a vast characterization of Alzheimer’s disease-specific gene patterns.

323-1023 genes were found to be differentially activated in contrast to healthy tissue. Out of them, only 42 were changed in all parts of the brain, suggesting that pathological modifications differ between localizations.

Most consistently detected genes in Alzheimer’s disease were: PAQR6, SOD1, PAFAH1B1, HSP90AB1, SLC17A7, SPCS1, TUBB2B, SLC25A3, NDUFS5, ATP6V1B2, C1orf61, PFKFB3, ZFP36L1, PURA, OGT, RERE.

All genes were mostly involved in the metabolism of proteins, which is consistent with currently suspected mechanisms of the disease (pathological aggregation of protein molecules in brain tissue).

More: “Meta-analysis of Alzheimer’s disease brain transcriptomic data”, H. Patel et al., 2018, doi:10.1101/480459.