Hip osteoarthritis was linked to genes SMO, IL11, COL11A1, CHADL

An analysis of 17,151 hip osteoarthritis patients has pointed to genetic variants in four genes: SMO, IL11, COL11A1, CHADL.

Overall, twelve novel mutations were linked to the disease. In addition to four mentioned, the study detected involvement of HDAC9, TNC, LMX1B, LTBP3, FAM101A, RUNX2, FILIP1, ASTN2, HFE. Most of them are rare and present in intron regions of genes (fragments not coding protein product).

More: “Meta-analysis of Icelandic and UK data sets identifies missense variants in SMO, IL11, COL11A1 and 13 more new loci associated with osteoarthritis”, U. Styrkarsdottir et al., 2018, doi:10.1038/s41588-018-0247-0.