New revolutionary method for protein sequencing?

Single molecule fluorosequencing could be a new frontier of protein analysis field.

DNA sequencing have revolutionized biology and medicine. However, another type of molecules is the most prevalent in cells – proteins. Their analysis and sequencing is much more demanding.

Determination of order and kind of amino acids (one of 22 common in living cells) may be crucial for more precise diagnosis, disease mechanisms discovery and detailed therapy innovations.

A new method, called single molecule fluorosequencing, utilizes amino acid labelling and observation of fluorescence changes during biochemical reactions. The first test was successfully conducted on two amino acids: cysteine and lysine.

The method, with further expansion to other amino acids, provides an opportunity for a major leap in protein sequencing. Coupled with existing genome and transcriptome sequencing, it can signifcantly accelerate precision medicine approaches.

More: “Highly parallel single-molecule identification of proteins in zeptomole-scale mixtures”, J. Swaminathan et al., 2018, doi:10.1038/nbt.4278.