PCF11 is a critical regulator of neuroblastoma

PCF11 gene regulates many pathways in neuroblastoma tissues by a process called alternative polyadenylation (APA).

Brain tumors of infants and children are the most common cancer cases within that age group. Its sudden emergence was recently associated with PCF11 (CFII complex component), which is essential in neural tissue development.

In a normal situation, PCF11 is deactivated after birth, but in neuroblastoma, it was found to be often pathologically activated. The status of the gene then influenced a wide range of genes and deregulated them on the genome scale by deregulating TREND – transcriptome 3’end diversity.

Furthermore, in cases of spontaneous cancer regression PCF11 was sometimes once more deactivated – suggesting possible new gene therapy method.

More: “PCF11 connects alternative polyadenylation to formation and spontaneous regression of neuroblastoma”, A. Ogorodnikov et al., 2018, doi.org/10.1101/426536.