PRDM9 drives genomic instability in cancer

Gene PRDM9 have been associated with 32 various cancer types.

One of the main hallmarks of cancer diseases is genome instability. It is global state of gene dysregulation, where many genes are in different state of activation as opposed to normal conditions. That instability accelerates evolution of cancer cells, leading to more malignant and invasive properties.

Gene PRDM9 was found to be driving part of genomic instability in cancer cells. In healthy tissues, PRDM9 plays a role in dividing sperm/ovum cells. However, mutations within the gene lead to its abberant activation, which induces many changes in genome organization.

The study provides the first evidence for broad role of PRDM9 in cancer diseases. It was based on 1879 patients.

More: “Aberrant PRDM9 expression impacts the pan-cancer genomic landscape”, A. Ang Houle et al., 2018, doi:10.1101/gr.231696.117.