After six months of experiments and prototyping, the Genome Context is closer to a final, satisfactory form.

As you probably saw, previous materials were substantially diverse (or heterogeneous if we want to borrow scientific jargon!). That was by-product of various approaches to both analysis and reporting of scientific publications. An extensive review process provided conclusions, which will guide following months of

There are two main adjustments. We will go deeper into technologies involving genome editing/testing (instead of previous focus on basic research) and new materials will include more diverse sources (instead of previous commitment to single publications). In the end, we want more exciting, but also more comprehensive articles.

The level of previous articles was also found to be a problem for average reader – therefore, reporting is going to be more friendly, with less unnecessary terms, and obviously larger focus on explanations.

The only unknown of the Q3 phase is frequency of publishing. As always, remember – it is still a prototype.