UK will sequence 5 million genomes in the next 5 years?

British National Health Service has announced ambitious goal – sequencing genomes of almost 5 million patients.

The project will base on “100,000 Genomes Project”. Launched in 2012, in the past six years it has brought 87 231 sequenced genomes and is still going to reach 100 thousand. Patients selected for “100,000 Genomes Project” have one from 7 common cancers or one from 100 rare diseases. Genome sequencing helped certain patients in specifying a diagnosis, but the primary goal of NHS sequencing projects is a collection of extensive genomic data for research.

The new project will launch in 2019. All seriously ill children and some adults with rare diseases and cancers will receive whole genome sequencing. The Health and Social Care Secretary declares sequencing of one million genomes in the near future and even 5 million genomes in the next 5 years.