Update of LncRNA2Target database

A database aggregating relations between long noncoding RNA molecules (lncRNA) and genes has received a large update, multiplying available information.

In recent years, lncRNAs were discovered to play broad roles in the regulation of many genes, including those which contribute to various diseases.

Database authors initially in 2015 prepared characteristics of 82 lncRNAs. The rapid progress of research in the field provided over 1500 new publications with many new described lncRNAs and target genes.

The second version of LncRNA2Target database is expanded from 82 to 417 human lncRNAs and from 11.605 to 29.554 targeted genes. An overall number of relationships is raised from 26.411 to 73.567.

The database is available under

More: “LncRNA2Target v2.0: a comprehensive database for target genes of lncRNAs in human and mouse”, L. Cheng et al., 2018, doi:10.1093/nar/gky1051.