6 books about CRISPR, 2 movies, and Netflix series

After recent announcement of genetically engineered babies, CRISPR took molecular biology by storm – now its popularity is flooding popular culture. In addition to 6 books and a movie, we are waiting for Netflix series under odd name “Unnatural selection” (Francis Galton flashbacks?).

Timetable of CRISPR-related books and movies:

  • September 2019 – documentary “Human nature” (trailer, schedule)
  • Oct 5th, 2019 – book “Altered inheritance” by Francoise Baylis (more)
  • Oct 18th, 2019 – series “Unnatural selection” at Netflix (trailer)
  • Nov 5th, 2019 – book “Body 2.0” by Sara Latta (more)
  • Nov 26th, 2019 – movie “Anya” by Okaya & Taylor (more)
  • Apr 7th, 2020 – book “Editing Mankind” by Kevin Davies (more)
  • Oct 10th,2020 – book “The Mutant Project” by Eben Kirksey (more)
  • Near future – book by Michael Specter (source)
  • Future – book by Walter Isaacson (source)
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