We all know how this one ends

BOTTOM LINE: If this was a conversation about law enforcement and local law enforcement, people would have been able to agree that the system is broken. If it was a conversation about some piece of regulation, people would have been able to agree that the system is broken. But when it comes to the concept of a highly profitable unregulated industry that is being passed off as a “policing” function, people can’t agree on much.

The very act of labeling as a “policing” function is both morally wrong and corrupt. In a country where the best way to end a police officer’s career is to get him or her to wear a big “I’m not a cop” sticker, it’s all the more shameful.

This isn’t the first time police have gotten away with taking advantage of “police charity.” But it will certainly be the last. If you’re a police officer and want to get rich, the only way to do it is to get on the “policing” gravy train.

And, no matter how much of a broken system you work in, you can always use it as a means to get more money.

It’s an ugly system that is making our country worse off every day.

Photo of Bobby Blue: Screenshot via YouTube.com

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